What is Google Search Console?

When working with clients on a Digital Strategy one of the common goals we hear from clients is, “I want my site to show up in Google”. Showing up in Google means more website traffic. More website traffic leads to more sales. Unfortunately this is a poorly defined goal. 

When working with Golden Wattle Studios (GWS) you will be introduced to using SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame. That means GWS takes, “I want my site to show up in Google” and converts it into a SMART goal. An example would be:

I want my website to show up on page one of Google Search within the next 3 months for the search terms XYZ.

  • Specific: Page one of Google Search for specific terms
  • Measurable: What page is it currently on?
  • Achievable and Realistic: Page one is achievable, the top of page one maybe not
  • Time Frame: 3 months allows time for content to be created and optimised for search engines (SEO). 

Now that a SMART goal has been defined, GWS knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure that your business achieves results.  The key to achieving results with SMART goals is being able to measure them. Fortunately there’s a tool that can track when and how Google is indexing your website. 


Indexing is the term used for how Google sorts and stores information about your website which is retrieved when someone searches for something related to your content. For example, if I search for bicycles, the Google Search algorithm checks for content related to bicycles. For your content to show up higher in Google search your content needs to have more authority. That basically means that your content has to be deemed the most relevant. Understanding the intricacies of the Google search algorithm is a blog post for another day. For now, you just need to know that Google indexes your content so that it’s relevant for specific search criteria.

The tool that I’m referring to which measures the progress of the SMART goal is Google Search Console. Not to be mistaken with Google Search, which is where you go to find well… anything and everything on the internet. Google Search Console is a website administrators tool which gives feedback about how a website is performing within Google Search. It shows how many times the website has been shown in Google Search. How many times someone has clicked through to the website. When the site was last indexed and requesting new content to be reindexed. That last point is exactly what is needed to measure the progress of our SMART goal. That’s right, for any of the changes to the website like SEO or new content to have an affect on the Google Search algorithm, the site needs to be reindexed. That’s why we use Google Search Console.

As time progresses and we get closer to the 3 months deadline, Google Search Console gives measurable feedback about how well the website is performing. Sometimes the initial work may not be enough to reach the goal of getting on page one. Without the right feedback it’s difficult to measure the progress of the goal and knowing the correct changes to make. Therefore, the right technology to achieve the goal of ranking on page one is Google Search Console.

If you want your business to rank better in Google Search to get more traffic and more sales then it’s time to set a SMART goal. Reach out to us at Golden Wattle Studios for a free 30 minute strategy session. We can help you set and achieve SMART goals using the Google Search Console and many other tools that we specialise in.