Customer Success Story: Biofield Being

Biofield Being is the best Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning Clinic in Brisbane. Based at Arana Hills and run by Amanda Mackay. Biofield Being has been a customer with GWS for several months and is one of our Digital Partner Plan customers.

It’s been amazing working with Amanda over the past few months. Her business has developed quite a lot in such a short period of time. The first task that GWS performed for Amanda was to redevelop her website. She had paid quite a lot of money to a design agency that just didn’t hit the market for Amanda. They made her feel unimportant and as if her business didn’t matter.

When I had my first meeting with Amanda she was very clear about her goals and exactly where she wanted to go with the business. I’d actually never heard of Biofield Tuning or Sound Healing so it was important for me to experience a session with Amanda to truly understand what she does for her customers and the benefits it produces. I must say that I was extremely happy with the way the session went and I was very happy to write Amanda’s first Google Review. Amanda now has several 5 star rated Google Reviews from different customers.

Amanda’s new website is branded with the new Biofield Being branding and colour scheme that was agreed in our second client meeting. The website is built of WordPress and includes a Woocommerce store. It was also important to integrate the booking system into the website so that Amanda’s customer did not have to leave the website to make an appointment. To my disappointment the booking system that Amanda was already using does not have an API so it’s difficult to extract data from the appointment system. To workaround this problem I wrote a python program which would log in to the booking system at set intervals and download appointment data as a CSV file which would then be imported into a separate database. This allows us to build a web app on top of this database to give Amanda insights into her customer behaviour.

This month Amanda resigned from her job and decided to focus her energy on growing her business. One of the first actions was for Amanda to attend the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo and the Brisbane Convention Center. It was my absolute pleasure to attend the expo with Amanda along with various members of her family. The reason I tagged along to the expo was to assist Amanda with the onsite booking of appointments using a tablet. Expo specific booking services were created in her booking system and loaded onto the tablet. The tablet was connected to the Convention Center WiFi which allowed the pages to load. Appointment payments were captured on Square terminal.

Amanda at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo

Amanda also provided a question for a relationship behaviour types quiz that she wanted to present at the expo to capture email address in Mailchimp to drive further customer engagement. I developed the quiz using WordPress, a scoring algorithm which was provided by Amanda and converted into code and then results were emailed through Mailchimp.

Amanda has some really great plans to further develop her business throughout 2022 and GWS is excited to be helping her achieving her goals. Amanda’s website is also featured in our before and after section.

If you’re interested in experiencing Sound Healing or Biofield Tuning I would highly recommend visiting Amanda Mackay at Biofield Being. You can book through her website:


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