April Isn’t for Fools

Back in 2019 all the big tech companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix were all cracking April Fools jokes. There was one big tech company that chose not to participate.

Now this is just an opinion of course but if your business has money to pay employees to create jokes then I think you’re doing pretty well. Especially when you see the quality of some of the jokes that were presented that year.


Let’s start with my favourite out of the big tech companies, Google. Yes, it’s no secret, I’m a fan of Google. I like the company because they do things very well and they share their technology with others through open source. I’ll always push my clients towards a Google option over any other company. When I say they do things very well, just take a look at the quality of this April Fools Day ad that they produced.


Amazon is another one of those massive tech companies that just seems to have enough money to pay staff to create April Fools Day jokes. In 2019 Audible a subsidiary of Amazon that sells audiobooks (Which I buy a lot of btw), tweeted a joke about remembering our pets on April Fools day, even the ones that live in the tank.


Microsoft bucked the trend against making corporate April Fools Jokes. An Internal Memo was sent out to staff which you can read on Mashable. The gist of the memo actually relates to “Fake News”. If you remember, the US Election was scheduled to be held in 2020. Fake News was still a very talked about topic at the time and more light was being brought to the subject. In short “fake news” is essentially falsified information which was created and targeted at certain individuals through microtargeting campaigns.

Microsoft decided against creating a corporate April Fools Joke with the rationalisation that it could potentially cause a PR nightmare.


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